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No Mercy Stilettos Trampling by Mistress Amberleigh

You know Mistress Amberleigh very well. She doesnt care about the slaves. She just enjoying torturing them. In this clip she is dressed in leather pants and some leather high heeled boots which means a lot of pain for the slave and a lot of fun for her. In the beginning she says that: I think somebody needs to suffer, so you can imagine who will be the victim. Of course the poor slave. And these heels are very, very sharp. Mistress Amberleigh enjoys inflicting pain and she uses her heels to scratch his pathetic helpless body, put her heels deep in his mouth and the pointy boot into his mouth also.NOTE. The sound of the clip is not great, thats why the price is so low. You can still hear what Mistress Amberleigh is talking during the clip along with the moaning of the slave.

No Mercy Stilettos Trampling by Mistress Amberleigh

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