Miss Julia Taylor – High Heel Trampling and Ball Crushing (1080p MP4)

Miss Julia Taylor is back. You might remember her. We did film together a long time ago and you can find all the clips in our store.Wearing her black leather boots, black leather pants and a very nice shirt Miss Julia comes to the dungeon to have fun with one of her slaves. Smoking her cigarette she will trample the skinny slave by walking back and forth all over his stomach, standing on him from time to time and crushing his balls as well.But once Miss Julia had finished her cigarette she didnt want to use the real ashtray, so she just stubbed the cigarette onto the slaves tongue and just put it in his mouth, so the trampling could continue. That happens in the middle of the clip and while keeping the cigarette in his mouth the slave is really struggling, but Miss Julia Taylor has her hands free now, so she can enjoy the trampling even more. Well its really difficult for the slave, because Miss Julia doesnt show him any mercy.The trampling is only on the slaves chest and stomach the entire clip. There is some ball crushing, but the amount of trampling is more in general.

Miss Julia Taylor - High Heel Trampling and Ball Crushing (1080p MP4)

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