Trampling Videos


ITALIAN LANGUAGECUATOM REQUEST – Your outfit as in carousel of whips, leather pants/leggings and top. You are with your slave and wants to do some trampling. You have arranged a few pairs of shoes on the ground and in a dialogue with him (her fantasy) choose which heels she wants to be trampled on. Decide for ankle boots (as in the attached image, or similar with high heels and not stilettos). You start to get on the slave but he moves and twists your ankle. You get very angry, you sit on the couch massaging your ankle, complaining about the harm he has done to you and threatening him with a very painful punishment. In the end you decide to give him another chance, but before her to give more stability to the ankle you change shoes and wears boots (if possible one of the 3 in the images below taken from her videos). You then start trampling again, but at one point he makes an involuntary movement and dislocates your ankle. You get very angry, this time the slave deserves a good punishment, you sit on the ground and massages your ankle complaining that you sprained it. In the end, you inflicts a good punishment on him, while occasionally you complain of ankle pain.The words ankle crooked sprained heel are important in the video.


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