ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – I would love an English Speaking custom video that is about 15-20 minutes or as long as you deem necessary.For the video it should be a male slave, not the fat one. I have a feet and shoe fetish so I would love it for you to wear a pedicure colour blue, pink, white or black, choose anything that is not red. I would like this video to be a Trampling and Shoe Worship video followed by a Shoejob for the slave. Tell the slave you will punish him today and make him clean your shoes and as a reward you will give him a shoejob and let him cum and you do the dialogue as you wish because you are the expert. What I would like is for the slave to be placed by the shoe rack with his back to the floor as in Jagged edge video and for you to choose different open toe shoes (not closed) from the rack as I want to see your feet (maybe up to 5 different shoes, the one from Suffer for my feet video, brown shoes from Toe poke video, you pick the other 3 open toe shoes from the rack or however as many as you like and trample the slave with each of the shoes and make him worship your shoes and lick the soles. Can you put on some of them as you did in the A bad quarter video by placing it on his chest and stepping into the shoes. You can also play with his dick with the shoes whilst you are stepping on him and also make him smell the shoes. You can make him worship your feet also if you wish. You can also sit down and make the slave stick his tongue out and rub your shoe up and down on his tongue to make him clean them like in Sandal pet. Finally give the slave a shoejob using the brown shoes from the Toe poke video, spit on his dick from above and allow the slave to cum.


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