ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – You are with your colleague, who has recently had a job promotion, you decide to offer him something to drink and accompany him near a ledge, as soon as he gets distracted for a moment you push him down and he manages to grab the edge. Looking down, you tell him you pushed him because you deserved that place, but now he’s going to be eliminated. You begin to stamp your fingers one by one with your shoe, he begs for mercy but you spit in his face laughing, loosening his grip, you tell him that you are good at heart and you dont want to hurt him too much. Laughing you take off your shoes and keep stepping on the remaining toes with your bare feet, loosening his grip even more.When hes only gripping with 2 fingers, you remind him that you often played pranks on him at work by tickling him. So, instead of stepping on the last fingers, you decide to put a foot under the arm in correspondence of the armpit and gently start to move your toes tickling him, as he starts laughing his fingers slowly slide. He begs to stop, however always smiling you keep moving faster until it loses its grip and falls into the void…


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