Lady Dark Angel – High Heel Trampling and Ball Crushing – Episode 2 (1080p MP4)

Lady Dark Angel loves wearing leather boots as you probably know already. Shes a very elegant, beautiful and sadistic Goddess and today you will enjoy watching her having fun with the skinny slave.Dressed in her tight blue jeans, over knee black leather boots and black leather jacket The Goddess just made herself a cup of coffee and found one of her slaves in her way. So what would happen in that case ? Well of course the slave will be in a lot of pain and he will suffer a lot. While drinking her coffee Lady Dark Angel tramples the slave on his chest and stomach, standing on him, digging her sharp high heels and walking over him. Of course she crushes his balls a few times, but mostly using his body as the actual floor. She wants to drink her coffee while the slave is suffering beneath her sharp high heels. Of course this is exactly what happens. The ball crushing itself is not a lot, but it is a good amount and you can see clearly that the slave is in huge amounts of pain throughout the clip. Lady Dark Angel knows that the balls of the slave are an extremely vulnerable part of his body and a slight amount of pressure with her boots causes him a lot of pain.No showing him any mercy or whatsoever The Goddess uses him as she sees fit.You can find Episode 1 in our store.

Lady Dark Angel - High Heel Trampling and Ball Crushing - Episode 2 (1080p MP4)

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