CECILIA – The Prophecy – EXTREME Facetrampling – NON STOP!!!

NEW MODEL, CECILIA is GABRIELLAs REAL STEP-******!!!Finally Cecilia became adult! She is a very bratty girl and the younger step-****** of Gabriella, as you can see they look alike and she is SOOOO beautiful!!! She has a very dominant nature and she always wanted to play with Gabriellas slaves, but Gabriella was telling to her that when she will turn 18 years old, she can do whatever she wants. Cecilia was joking with her, saying that there is a Prophecy about her, that when the time is right she will become the best Domina! And now Cecilia is 18 years old already…Cecilia is sadistic and she proves it! She loves the idea of standing on mens face, she said to her step-****** this is why they have a face! and they both laughed! So now she has her much older slave in handcuffs totally at her mercy and she melts his face under her tiny sexy feet! She stands on his face full weight and she tramples it hard and when she gets off it, she kicks and footslaps it! How natural is the style of this blond beauty, she is born for that!

CECILIA - The Prophecy - EXTREME Facetrampling - NON STOP!!!

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