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Trampling Videos

You get trampled in public, loser!

Well, loser? Is it too hot for you again? Are you resting in the shade here? Well, Im going to make you sweat now! Lie down right here in the dirt – so I can trample all over you! Are you afraid already? Yes, you are … you know whats coming already! These shoes are just perfect to trample on losers like you – and to jump all over them! How does that brutal tread feel on your face?! I bet these marks will be visible a couple of days! But I wont go easy on you – so Ill jump down on you from the stairs! What do you think how much can you take? Should I go up 3 steps? Or 4 steps? And dont mind the cars driving by – everyone can see that I trample all over you – that youre just a loser that gets used! And when Im done with you, Ill walk all over the parking lot with you – so everyone can see the shoe prints on your face and laugh at you!

You get trampled in public, loser!

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Trampling Clips

Madame Marissa tramples the shoe tread into YOUR face!

Now Madame Marissa is going to trample YOU! She’s wearing her brand-new trailrunning shoes – and they’ve a really mean tread! And Marissa wants to see the pattern on your face! Again and again she stomps down on your face and every step leaves behind painful marks. Sometimes she just stands in one spot for a while to press the tread even deeper into your skin – and sometimes she even jumps on your face. This mistress doesn’t know the word mercy – so better don’t expect her to have mercy!