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Lera – Trampling (Full HD)

Lera tramples the slave in black leather dress and black fishnets with her full weight (55kg / 121lbs). She stomps poor Alex without pity and with cruel smile on her face. Lera loves to stand on the slave on both feet, only on one foot, and on tiptoes. She also makes Alex smell her sweaty feet, then lick it, and then gaggs him with her foot by pushing it as deep as she can. After that Lera stands on the slaves head and face. Finally she makes a serial of really hard, crazy, and extreme jumps on Alex. Merciless Lera is happy to cause the slave so much pain and make him suffer a lot. She even didnt stop when the slave is cry for it, because she didnt care about him at all.

Lera - Trampling (Full HD)

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EVIKE – Footographer – EXTREME Trampling All Over Your Body And Face In Fashion Pantyhose

Superbeauty Evike has a photoshooting with a new photographer, he paid her a lot for this photoshooting and she accepted the job, even in she had no references for this foreigner photographer. The studio is very professional and the guy is polite, but when the photoshooting finsihed, with Evike wearing a sexy outfit with great fashion stockings, she asks to see the photos. The guy says to her that he needs to edit them and after show to her, but Evike insists and she realizes that he was took photos of her feet!Evike cannot believe how she thought that this poor guy is a professional photographer, but he is just a pathetic footslave! He is totally submitted to Evike, that she is so happy to be well paid just to have her sadistic fun! Evike wants to use him as her carpet and she does the catwalk all over his body and face! In her sexy pantyhose she tramples his throat and stands full weight on it and for the last minutes she focuses on his face, standing on it and trampling it under her sexy feet!

EVIKE - Footographer - EXTREME Trampling All Over Your Body And Face In Fashion Pantyhose

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