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Roxy – Stewardess Trampling in Flight Shoes (4K)

Stewardess Roxy tramples the slave in her flight shoes with her full weight (56kg / 123lbs). She stomps Alexs body without pity, because she loves to cause pain to such losers. Roxy also stands only on one foot and digs her heel inside slaves belly. In this pose she also makes Alex lick her soles and suck her heels. Then she takes off her flight shoes and attaches them to the slaves face with duct tape. Now he will inhale the stinky smell of her insoles after all flights, while Roxy trample him in sweaty stockings. If you think that its easy, well, then you never tried this… because breathe through firmly attached shoe is nearly impossible. But Roxy loves to see red slaves face in lack of air. She tramples him with even more power then before. Roxy also stands only on one foot, on tiptoes, and sometimes even put her foot on Alexs face to check that her shoe are still fixates properly.

Roxy - Stewardess Trampling in Flight Shoes (4K)

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