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Introducing to You Princess Bella

Let me introduce you to Princess Bella. Stunning, beautiful and sadistic Princess. This is her first encounter in our store and to be honest she is really having fun abusing and trampling the slave. He is doing press ups and Princess Bella wants to see him doing that while he gets trampled on. Well, thats going to be really difficult for him I believe, but thats what the Princess wants to do. And thats exactly what will happen in the clip. She came back from gym and she wants to do some more exercises. I love the moment when she is standing on his back telling him to do more press ups, which is extremely difficult for him. The slave is knackered already from previous trampling by the way, but thats something which is not bothering Princess Bella. The trampling is absolutely full weight and Princess Bella doesnt have nothing to hold on. She said that we have to change our clip store name – Trampling for Torture or Trampling for Masochism instead of Trampling for Fun. The clip is filmed from one camera angle only.

Introducing to You Princess Bella

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