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Trample Jumping With Spit Reward

Youve been a very bad boy and need to be punished. I missed my workout and now Im going to take it out on your body. Jumping on you should be good cardio and those pathetic grunts just make it so much more fun for me. Grunt weakling, grunt! The more you whimper the more Im going to run and stomp on your stomach. Actually that face of yours could use some trampling too. Doesnt my dirty gym sneakers feel good grinding into your face? That that be a reminder you will never be anything more than a doormat for your Goddess. Now open your mouth, Im going to reward you with a massive spit loogie, taste it…..delicious isnt it. This will be the closest thing you will ever get to a kiss from me doormat beta. 

Trample Jumping With Spit Reward

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