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Introducing to You Miss Katherine Kendal (1080p MP4)

We would like to introduce you to Miss Katherine Kendal today. This is our first clip together and we could say that she is really a beautiful sadist. We did three clips in total and they will be released later. The slave will go through enormous amount of pain, believe me.Dressed very casually in black pencil skirt, white shirt and black stilettos, she comes back home to find out that the slave didnt prepare the room properly. He was asked to do it before Miss Kendal returns, but he failed it. She is not happy and the punishment starts. But the slave is very cheeky only in the beginning, which is not a good thing to do in the presence of the Mistress. She is talking to him reprimanding him the whole time while he is suffering beneath her sharp high heels. We would say that its absolute no mercy trampling with heels digging and some soles licking. The trampling is on the slaves chest, stomach and a little bit on his balls. There is no trampling on his back. The slave is moaning from time to time, but listening very carefully what Miss Kendal is telling him to do.There is a couple moments of slow motion for some of the beautiful action. Also nice camera angles and some close ups, but not a lot, mostly full body angles.

Introducing to You Miss Katherine Kendal (1080p MP4)

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