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Suffer Beneath my Kurt Geiger Heels

You know the gorgeous bombshell Miss Courtney, so no need for introduction. Looking so hot today shes sitting on her couch talking to you. Wearing her beautiful stilettos Kurt Geiger with extremely sharp high heels she doesnt want to rest her heels on the floor, but only on the slave instead.The slave is called to lie down on the wooden floor beneath Miss Courtney. Thats exactly where he belongs. The slave is so weak as he telling the Mistress that the heels are very sharp but she just starts laughing at him. He is trying his best to please Mistress Courtney, but he doesnt do a very good job as he can not last long under her high heels. Unfortunately because the slave is weak the trampling on his front is only a few seconds, but hes got his back. The trampling is full weight and Miss Courtney stands on the slave so elegantly and victoriously. The slave is not so weak on his back apparently and the Mistress spends more time trampling and standing on his back. There is also a moment of hands trampling.Only half of the clip is trampling and Miss Courtney is so elegant while humiliating the slave talking to the camera the whole time. Her performance is so so worth watching. Next time I am sure the slave will last longer for the high heels trampling. The slave is pretty quiet this time. He just moans from time to time, but he knows that he has to be completely silent in the presence of Miss Courtney. She doesnt like noisy slaves. They have to suffer in silence.

Suffer Beneath my Kurt Geiger Heels

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