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Trampling in Louboutins by Miss Anna Elite

This is the 4th trampling clip for that slave. I can tell you that he is absolutely knackered, but Miss Anna Elite wants to have more fun using him for trampling with her brand new Louboutins with ultra super thin high heels, and she said that to the slave – I want to see you suffer. This is how cruel and sadistic Miss Anna Elite is. The first 6 minutes of the clip the stomach and the chest of the slave are trampled on and the rest of the clip the slave has to endure the pain on his back. He has to feel the shapr heels of the Mistress otherwise she wont be happy and this is not good at all. The slave is such a wimp in this clip to be fair. As soon as the sharp heels meet its body he is moaning in pain, but dont forget that he is in pain already from the previous three clips we filmed with Miss Anna Elite. You can find them by following the link below. The slave told me that the heels are sharp like a needle. Just a little note about the sound as its very low. You can see for yourself by watching the preview.There are a few slow motions added for some nice moments.

Trampling in Louboutins by Miss Anna Elite

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