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Extreme high heels on his body (WMV – 1280×720 – HD)

Mistress Svenja put on her brand new high heels – with extremely thin 14cm heels! She asks the slave if he likes them before she steps on him – and of course he does – but only until she steps on his body! The sharp heels leave painful marks on his skin and Svenja loves to play with her weight to cause him pain. After a while he twitches when she only lifts a foot from the ground! She also puts these thin heels on his groin and asks if she should crush his dick underneath. After that she shows some mercy and takes her shoes off – but now shes really getting into it and jumps all over his body, steps on his head with her full weight and stomps his body. In the end the slaves totally wracked and she just leaves him there – with her shoes standing on his chest. He has to wait till she comes back and continues his painful punishment!

Extreme high heels on his body (WMV - 1280x720 - HD)

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