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Under The Brides Heels – Lady Chanel

Slave, come here and lay down!, the young bride Chanel orders her old husband. Will you call me slave all the time now?, he asks a little bit confused. Of course, I will, because you are!, Chanel answers with a mean smile.The brave husband lays down and his young bride steps on his chest with her sharp stiletto heels. Under her heels, that is where he belongs and he will learn that very soon. As a warm up, Chanel steps on him up and down but after a while she starts digging her thin heel into his nipples. Immediately he starts moaning in pain and begging her to stop. But the mean girl has just started.Now she leaves his belly and she does the same with his hands and feet: She digs her heels into it and turns until her old husband screams. So much fun to have a slave like this…

Under The Brides Heels - Lady Chanel

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They use him as a living dancefloor

Lady Chanel and Mistress Blackdiamoond order their pathetic human rug to lie down on the balcony of their luxurious penthouse in downtown Berlin. They both step on the loser’s body and start to dance. Their sharp heels scratch and pierce the loser’s skin – but they don’t care – they just listen to their music and dance all over his weakling!