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Trampling Movies


Me trying to be a fakir. The wooden board with the nails alone weighs 23 kg/ 50 pounds. There are 744 nails in it. The board alone leaves marks on my body, so just imagine what will happen when girls stand on it. So we begin. The first girl just sits on the board at first because I dont know if I will be able to handle this. The girl along with the board weighs about 83 kilos/ 182 pounds. I somehow manage, so she stands on the board. Then the next girl gets on. Their combined weight is 92 kg / 202 pounds. I survive, so the next one gets on. 119 kg/ 262 pounds. Marks start to appear on my body, but I persevere and a fourth girl, a bit lighter, gets on and the combined weight is now 115 kg / 253 pounds. After a little break, I decide to go for one final round with two more girls having a combined weight of 152 kg / 335 pounds. Check out the marks they left on my body. Time: 7.53 min.


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