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Green Stilettos Trampling

My Dear Customers. Let me introduce you Cruel Amethyst. She is very beautiful and stunning domme and she loves trampling of course. Especially in this clip she is doing it for fun. It doesnt matter how much pain she will inflict to the slave. As you can see she is wearing very lovely green stilettos (when I am saying lovely, I mean lovely for her, for the slave they wont be lovely) with sharp high heels and beleive me she doesnt care about the helpless human body she is walking over. The slave is trying to hold her shoes avoiding the pain, but it doesnt work. Cruel Amethyst just continues her enjoyment. She doesnt speak a lot in this clip, she just tramples the skinny slave. He is moaning, but this does not bother her at all.You can enjoy very good close ups as well.

Green Stilettos Trampling

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