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Crushing his cock and balls under my soles

Now its time to experience some serious pain for my slave. I make him lie down on the floor with his feet in the air – and his legs spread – this way he cant protect his cock and balls when I step on his groin. Im starting to trample his cock and balls with my black flats – even though theyre flats, they have a hardened heel and theyll cause some serious pain 🙂 After a while I take off my shoes and continue to trample his groin under my bare feet.

Crushing his cock and balls under my soles

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Trampling Movies

Cock crushed under sexy bare feet

The mistress prepared her slave in the cockbox – with his tiny cock sticking out in the middle – completely at her feet’s mercy! She walks all over his penis and loves the squishy feeling under her foot soles – while the slave struggles to cope with the massive pain! His mistress might be a pretty petite lady – but all her weight concentrated on his fragile cock causes him massive pain!