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Mistress Krush – Outdoor Trampling and A Little bit of CBT (1080p MP4)

Mistress Krush loves all kind of domination especially when she can do it outside and today thats exactly what would happen. One of her slaves will be trampled on beneath her trainers absolutely full weight.There is some building work going on over the hill and you can hear that as well, so some builders must be around but Mistress Krush doesnt really care about that. She wants to have some fun trampling the pathetic slave. But thats not enough for the Mistress, so some face sitting and some CBT are also taking place as you can see from the preview. Mistress Krush uses her trainers and hands to inflict some pain to the slaves vulnerable balls and also trampling his front the entire clip. Mainly his chest and stomach. There is no trampling on his back. Just to let you know. You know her style already, so please do enjoy another lovely clip performed by the stunning Mistress Krush.Most of the clip is full body angles as you can see by watching the GIF.

Mistress Krush - Outdoor Trampling and A Little bit of CBT (1080p MP4)

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Crushing his cock and balls under my soles

Now its time to experience some serious pain for my slave. I make him lie down on the floor with his feet in the air – and his legs spread – this way he cant protect his cock and balls when I step on his groin. Im starting to trample his cock and balls with my black flats – even though theyre flats, they have a hardened heel and theyll cause some serious pain 🙂 After a while I take off my shoes and continue to trample his groin under my bare feet.

Crushing his cock and balls under my soles

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Cock crushed under sexy bare feet

The mistress prepared her slave in the cockbox – with his tiny cock sticking out in the middle – completely at her feet’s mercy! She walks all over his penis and loves the squishy feeling under her foot soles – while the slave struggles to cope with the massive pain! His mistress might be a pretty petite lady – but all her weight concentrated on his fragile cock causes him massive pain!