Miss Rose – High Heel Trampling and Bootjob (1080p MP4)

Do you remember the sadistic Miss Rose ? We filmed together some time ago. You can find the clips in our store.Shes here again. Just a little note guys. We are doing our best to film with so many ladies, so you can enjoy a variety of Mistresses, but sometimes its really difficult to film with some ladies again due to many different reasons which are out of our control unfortunately, but we are working very hard. We can assure you that.So Miss Rose has her beautiful boots today and she just wants to have fun trampling the skinny slave. Using her sharp high heels she carelessly trample the slave and of course crushing his balls mercilessly. He is in a lot of pain of course, but Miss Rose is just laughing at him from time to time. But if he is obedient and he can handle the trampling he will be rewarded with a bootjob at the end of the clip and honestly we think he is a good boy and the bootjob has occurred at the end. But Miss Rose doesnt give him a lot of pain, so he must have a cumshot for a few seconds…A little note guys. You wont be able to see the face of the gorgeous Miss Rose the entire clip, but her talking and laughing is so sadistic and you dont want to miss that. Also the trampling is only on the slaves front.

Miss Rose - High Heel Trampling and Bootjob (1080p MP4)

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