Miss Courtney – Suffer for my Luxurious Leather Boots (1080p MP4)

The suffering for the slave continues as Miss Courtney is not satisfied with him. She did trample him already with her brand new Casadei Boots and her brand new So Kate Louboutins, but this is not enough for Miss Courtney. She wants him to suffer more.Of course this is a continuation from the previous two clips:- Miss Courtney – You Suffer for my Brand New Casadei Boots;- Miss Courtney – Suffer for my Brand New So Kate Louboutins;The slave is already in pain from the high heel trampling and this time he thought the trampling will be less painful because of the boots Miss Courtney is wearing, but nope. He will be in a lot of pain again. These gorgeous leather boots are L K Bennet and Miss Courtney loves wearing them outside. If you like them, by the way we filmed another clip with them some time ago. You dont want to miss it. – Miss Courtney – Walkover Trampling in Luxury Leather Boots and Cumshot (1080p MP4) – you can find it in our store.You can see very well the red body of the slave and the nice heel marks as well. Miss Courtney just loves marking her slaves with her luxurious shoes and boots. The marking of course continues while the slave is in a lot more pain and Miss Courtney is having so much fun.You can also enjoy some nice ball crushing and some cock crushing as well.Honestly the clip is really hot and you dont want to miss the incredible and sadistic Miss Courtney in action again.

Miss Courtney - Suffer for my Luxurious Leather Boots (1080p MP4)

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