Mistress Youko – Boot Trampling and Bootjob (1080p MP4)

The amazing and sadistic Mistress Youko is here again. Dressed very casually today The Mistress looks so hot. Shes been outside meeting with a friend dressed like that, so the soles of the boots are not clean at all. We dont have any idea where she used to walk. And these boots are her everyday boots.As soon as we started the clip Mistress Youko gets on with the trampling. Not showing any mercy to this slave she will have fun making him suffer beneath her ankle boots. Honestly its been a long time since The Mistress tramples him and she needs to catch up today. But she notices something while touching his small cock with her boots. The slave got horny and she decided to jerk him off a little bit, but he just did a cumshot after a few seconds. Could you believe that ? This happens in the beginning of the clip. Like in the first 2 minutes. Mistress Youko wasnt impressed, so she took a paper and gave it to the slave, so he can clean himself, but The Mistress took the hand paper and put it under his mask, so he can keep it there until the end of the clip. How sadistic is that ?The slave is already even weaker, but Mistress Youko just started. So now he has to endure trampling on his chest and stomach, some jumping, some stomping and some ball crushing until the end of the clip which makes Mistress Youko really satisfied.At the end of the clip she just leaves the slave lying down on the floor completely helpless, but shes coming back tomorrow for more…

Mistress Youko - Boot Trampling and Bootjob (1080p MP4)

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