Mistress Natasha – Trampled by My Dirty Boots [remastered]

My slave couldnt manage with my last order thats why I trample him this time. I trample him by my dirty boots making footprints on his miserable body. Also I stand on one leg to make him feel my weight better…[remastered] Its been 15 years since this clips were filmed, and 14 since first time published. Is this enough to call My clips [retro]? (= Okay, lets mark them [remastered] instead. Because now they are COMPLETELY REMASTERED using modern software and hardware to re-edit master files as well as AI technology to improve picture quality. We remastered it from miniDV tape (720×576 | interlaced video | 25 fps) to Full HD (1920×1080 | progressive video | 50 fps) without cropping or resizing as well as kept the old price.Duration: 2in 47sec

Mistress Natasha - Trampled by My Dirty Boots [remastered]

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