Miss Suzanna Maxwell – Desperate to Cum Beneath my Luxurious Louboutins (1080p MP4)

Miss Suzanna Maxwell has always had slaves at her mercy and today it wont be any different. You know her sadistic and luxurious style, so enjoy this amazing video.Wearing her gorgeous Christian Louboutins Hot Chick Pumps, a black leather pencil skirt and a beautiful black shirt Miss Suzanna is having a short tea break while standing on the skinny and pathetic slave. Honestly she just says she is using only 1% of her sadism and the slave is in a lot of pain already.We think you know how extremely sharp those high heels are, so just a little bit of pressure causes the slave an enormous amount of pain and Miss Suzanna just loves digging her sharp heels into his body. You can also notice some nice high heel marks.Standing on him a little bit in the beginning and also digging her extremely sharp high heels, this is not enough for Miss Suzanna Maxwell and after approximately 5 minutes she decides to start crushing his balls. Of course this is even more painful for the slave, so The Mistress changes her mind by starting to jerk him off with her stilettos to the point where he doesnt have a choice but to have an orgasm. So she actually shows him a little bit of mercy. Of course the cumshot is only on his body as he is not allowed to make a mess on the beautiful and expensive shoes of Miss Suzanna.Honestly the clip is very hot. You dont want to miss it.

Miss Suzanna Maxwell - Desperate to Cum Beneath my Luxurious Louboutins (1080p MP4)

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