Goddess Seira – More Marks on Your Body (1080p MP4)

Goddess Seira is here again. You know her already. The gorgeous asian and sadistic Goddess who loves trampling.This is a continuation from the previous two clips:- Goddess Seira – Your Body and Head is my Mat;- Goddess Seira – My Slave Canvas;You can find all the clips with Goddess Seira in our store.The slave is already in pain as you know from the previous trampling clips, but The Goddess would love to do more trampling, but this time hes been moved to the other room, so Goddess Seira can do walkover trampling this time.Dressed very casually wearing a nice black leather mini skirt and her beautiful black stilettos The Goddess is not showing any mercy to this slave. Walking back and forth all over his stomach she wants to add more heel marks there. She also loves digging her heels into his flesh which is just another way of making his stomach red and covered in high heel marks.The entire clip is walkover trampling with some high heel digging. Oh we almost forgot that there is a short moment of cock crushing towards the end of the clip, but just for a few seconds.

Goddess Seira - More Marks on Your Body (1080p MP4)

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