ELIZABETH – Cruel Young Boss – BRUTAL Facetrampling – NON STOP!

NEW GIRL, AMAZING HUMILIATRIX ELIZABETH!Supersexy and snob Elizabeth is the step-daughter of the CEO of the company. Even is she is just 21, her step-father gave her the general manager position. She is extremely intelligent and the company already goes better, but she has no mercy for the average employees and she fired all of them to replace them with new ambitious ones. All male workers of the company are afraid of Elizabeth, but they are also in love with her!After taking a second chance, the loser employee appears in front of his Boss to ask her for some directions. But Elizabeth interupts him as she cannot believe that he dares to present himself in front of her, unshaved! The guy tries to excuse himself, but Elizabeth tells him to shut up, she doesnt care at all, he must be punished! She commands him to lay down and she stands on his face fullweight! She stands for long, going down just to change position and she tramples his face under her sexy feet, while she humiliates him verbally! Elizabeth explains to him how he is, while his face is melted under her feet!

ELIZABETH - Cruel Young Boss - BRUTAL Facetrampling - NON STOP!

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