Daisy May – My So Kate Louboutins Meet Your Body (1080p MP4)

The suffering for the slave continues. Daisy May hasnt finished with him yet. So this is a continuation from the previous two clips with Daisy May:- Introducing to You Daisy May;- Daisy May – You Belong Under My BootsThe slave is already in pain, but this time Daisy May shows him a little bit of mercy, but just a little bit, because she tramples the slave in her gorgeous So Kate Louboutins, but not a lot throughout the clip. What does that mean is that she still uses her sharp high heels on his body, but not really intensely. A few times she walks back and forth stepping on the slaves chest and stomach and Daisy May really enjoys that. And you can see that the slave is suffering, because we are sure you all know how sharp these heels are.Some ball crushing is also taking place, but again Daisy May knows that just a little bit of pressure causes the slave enormous amounts of pain and she really likes that because she doesnt put any effort while doing it.Honestly Daisy May is really hot and her style is amazing. You dont want to miss this clip.

Daisy May - My So Kate Louboutins Meet Your Body (1080p MP4)

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