Miss Suzanna Maxwell – Shoe Sniffing Slave (1080p MP4)

The slave is caught sniffing the beautiful sandals of Miss Suzanna Maxwell when she comes back home. And hes got the audacity to lie to the Mistress. Ah come on, you know this is not a good thing to do and he will be trample on for that reason.Her sadistic style of trampling is very well known for you my Dear customers, so today you can enjoy another great and sadistic bare feet trampling by Miss Suzanna Maxwell. Of course the trampling is full weight on the slaves chest and head the entire clip. There is no trampling on his back. Miss Suzanna is not happy at all and some nice hard stomps and jumps are taking place on the slaves front. The slave is moaning during the clip. He struggles to breath obviously, but that doesnt not bother Miss Suzanna. There is verbal humiliation as well.You can enjoy a lot of close ups and some full body angles as well.

Miss Suzanna Maxwell - Shoe Sniffing Slave (1080p MP4)

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