Slava – Aesthetic Trampling and Facestanding (Full HD)

Slava tramples the slave in black nylons and deep blue aesthetic dress with her full weight (63kg / 139lbs). She gracefully stomps his poor body and face, sometimes kick it with her feet. Slava stands on Alex on both feet, only on one foot and on tiptoes. She also makes him smell, kiss, lick and suck her sweaty feet in tights. Even more Slava likes to gag the slave with her foot and stand on his throat. But the most fun for her is to stand on Alexs face with her full weight and flattens his nose as well as squeezes his lips. And all this actions with pure elegant style, as she loves. Finally, Slava jumps on the slave, like on trampoline, with all her power and charm.Duration: 7min 42sec

Slava - Aesthetic Trampling and Facestanding (Full HD)

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