ENGLISH SPEAKINGI have my slave at the foot of my throne, his cock is in the cock table, and Im going to ************ him, I want to see how long he can endure the silky skills of my beautiful stocking feet. I begin with some painful teasing as I trample his cock and balls with my stiletto shoes, with my bitch letting out some loud squeals as I continually press firmly down on his balls. Then I remove my shoes, and allow him to feel the sensuality of my beautiful stockings on his throbbing cock. I know that silky feeling will drive him crazy and he will desperately want to cum. Not yet… I want to make him suffer, and he cant cum without my permission. I continue to rub and stroke his cock on the cock table making sure he is desperate. I then change position, and place his throbber between my silky feet. I pull up and down driving my bitch wild as I massage his cock at varying speeds. Hes so desperate, and without my permission finally squirts his mess over my feet and table. What a useless slut!! I then use my feet to stamp on on his balls and cock as he squeals for mercy. I tell him hes not going to cum again for a long time, as I continue to stamp on his balls and jam them in the hole in the cock table. I finally leave him there to suffer after his silky ecstasy ************…


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