Lady Scarlet – Cum crushed

The slave is still on the ground after my friend Ludovica and I massacred him with our heels, of which he still bears the marks. Now is the time to take off our shoes and step on him with our feet covered only by nylon stockings… It is certainly no less painful because we sink every step as if they were kicks, stomping on the ground, but between us and the floor there is this flaccid doormat… We insult and humiliate him as we step on him and also hit him in the balls and in the face. We also take off his underwear, we want to see the soft worm between his legs and crush it under our feet. Ludovica tries to turn him on with her feet but nothing, we invite him to jerk off while we continue to trample all over his body. We are generous and willing to allow him to jerk off and cum on our feet, on our nylon stockings and we start counting down… In the end he only manages to let out a tiny drop of sperm that doesnt even get us dirty… What a useless being, he is not even able to jizz properly…

Lady Scarlet - Cum crushed

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