Lady Scarlet – Merciless boots from the top

ITALIAN LANGUAGEThis is an alternative version of the video Merciless boots filmed by a different angle closer to the action, dont miss it! Here is the story…This new slave is very scared, it is his first time with me and he fears me. He is lying with his flabby earthworm sticking out of the cock box and trying to justify himself by saying that the fear made his cock so small… I?m lying next to him and use my stockings feet to make him comfortable but shortly after I wear the boots he gave me and I clarify that the treatment that awaits him is not going to be so soft. Sharp heels and long tip, just seeing them the slave trembles. I get on the box and start hitting and crushing that worm under my soles, sticking him in my heels as he cries. Every now and then I also sink into his abdomen but my attention is all for that floppy prick. I squeeze it until the tip comes out to be able to prick it well with the heel. I literally destroyed his cock while completely ignoring his moans and pleas for mercy. When I am satisfied I stop but in exchange I demand another pair of boots.

Lady Scarlet - Merciless boots from the top

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