Lady Dark Angel – Tell me a Joke or You Will Suffer (1080p MP4)

This is a nice continuation from the previous three clips we have filmed with the extremely sadistic Lady Dark Angel.- Lady Dark Angel – Extreme Boots Licking (The Continuation)- Lady Dark Angel – Dont Spill my Cup of Coffee (The Continuation)- Lady Dark Angel – Tough Lesson for the IntruderWhen we say a nice continuation we mean that the same slave is already in pain from that day, but Lady Dark Angel hasnt finished with him quite yet. She just changed her outfit and dressed in leather from head to toe, The Goddess would love to have a little bit more fun with this skinny and pathetic slave.Long story short he sent her a short clip trying to amuse her, but it didnt happen, so Lady Dark Angel just finds another reason to make him suffer. Well honestly she doesnt really need any reason, but she loves finding them anyway. So the slave is already in position when The Goddess comes back and she just tramples his hands and fingers a little bit. A couple of minutes later he lies down on the cold wooden floor so Lady Dark Angel can trample him properly. Standing on him absolutely full weight The Goddess tells the slave to tell her a joke, but he is not capable of doing that and he will be in pain.After about 5 minutes of trampling on his chest and stomach Lady Dark Angel wants to trample the slave on his back. Shes not satisfied only with his front. So you can enjoy some nice jumping and a little bit more hand and fingers trampling before the slave is kicked out. She doesnt want to see him anymore.

Lady Dark Angel - Tell me a Joke or You Will Suffer (1080p MP4)

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