ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Id love the video to be based on foot domination and executrixxx-fantasy (at the end) could you also please wear the same outfit you wore on MISTRESS GAIA – THE ENFORCR (leggings, barefoot) in terms of length, 8 minutes would be great please, and lastly, Id like it to be English speaking.Heres the plot:Youre in a bad mood and youve decided that you want to get rid of one of your slaves as hes proven to be useless to you. you basically toy with the slave by trampling, stomping him and you give him a false sense of security that if he takes the beating well, youll spare him, but in the end, its a cruel trick and you end his life under a cruel trick and you end his life under your foot.You walk into the room and you call your slave to crawl over to you, then you demand he starts kissing your feet.While hes kissing your feet, you tell him how pathetic he his, how his only purpose in life is to worship you and that hes been completely useless to you for a long time (This part can take two minutes and Id like the camera to be close up while the slaves kissing your feet).You then order your slave to turn over to his back, and put his face to the side, you then step on his head with power and you put pressure on his head. You then say You dont matter to me, I can replace you in an instant. I can crush you, you better not dissapoint me any more after you say this you keep the pressure on his head while twisting and turning your foot for a little longer (this part can take a minute).You stomp on his chest a few times, and after this you start to trample him, every now and then you get off him, tell him to get on his belly and demand he kiss the tops of your feet while youre standing. (This part can take four minu-tes).For the final minute (hes still on his back and youre still standing and you back and youre still standing and you have one foot planted on his chest) you seem quite happy, you tell him that he took your punishment quite well (he seems quite relieved) you then change your expression from happy to mean, you move your foot that was planted on his chest to his neck and you then saybut not well enough while youre putting pressure on his neck with your foot, hes grabbing your leg and begging for his life (saying things like please God-dess, spare me) after a short while, he stops moving and the video ends with you walking away feeling happy.


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