Lady Scarlet – Trampling the thin man

This slave proposed to be my doormat. But it seems so small and weak to me! I decide to test him anyway and prepare him lying in front of my throne. I am somewhat perplexed given his frailty. I slap him with my feet, body and genitals. Then I get up and step on him. Already complains! Then I go up with all my weight but he holds me for a few seconds. This slave is really scarce! Disrespected, I start slapping him with my feet from head to balls, press them against his face, rub my soles firmly and step on him to make him suffer. When I have vented I chase him away and he rolls exhausted. He begs me to go back to my feet but I refuse him, telling him that if I ever want to use him again it will be for other tasks, certainly not as a doormat.

Lady Scarlet - Trampling the thin man

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