Lady Scarlet – Punished pervert

ITALIAN LANGUAGEMy friend Gabriella and I are walking in the snowy forest with the owner of the hut that hosts us. He was kind to show us around but as soon as we reach a more isolated place he reaches out and tries to touch us: this lousy pervert has just got the wrong idea and hoped to take us to a place where he can do everything. And in fact now we will do everything but not what he hoped for! We immediately knock him down and step on him and hit him with our muddy boots, we dirty all his clothes and even his face making him eat the mud. To make sure we refresh his ideas well, we also take him to the snow and we start stepping on him to jump on him while he tries to resist in vain: as we crush our boots on his throat he tries to apologize and beg for mercy proving that he has learned his lesson.

Lady Scarlet - Punished pervert

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