Goddess Luna – Brand New Loafers Trample (1080p MP4)

This is a continuation from the previous clip with Goddess Luna:- Goddess Luna – Brand New Doc Martens TrampleSo basically The Goddess just changed her outfit, so the suffering for the slave can continue. He is already in pain from the Doc Martens Trample, but this time Goddess Luna is wearing her brand new powerful loafers and she would like to have more fun with this skinny and pathetic slave. She needs to test them on his body.Straight from the beginning she gets on with the trampling absolutely full weight of course. Ignoring him from time to time, also laughing at him Goddess Luna spent pretty much the entire clip on his body and only on his chest and stomach. The slave is struggling to breathe apparently while The Goddess is standing on his stomach, but this doesnt bother her at all. Shes having fun.You can also enjoy some stomping and head trampling during the clip. Goddess Luna doesnt show any mercy to this slave. She just loves watching him suffer beneath her brand new beautiful black loafers.

Goddess Luna - Brand New Loafers Trample (1080p MP4)

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