ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – You are a sexy student who enjoys trampling and teasing your weak, older teacher. You enter the room to find the female slave lying on the floor on her back with her arms and legs spread eagled and tied down. She is wearing a blindfold and has a vibrator attached to her leg resting on her vagina. You giggle cutely as you turn on the vibrator and tell her that you enjoy tormenting her weak heart and demand that you get good results on your exams. You place one heel on her chest and press down hard as you victory pose for the camera. Then you do a few sexy poses while you dig your heel into her chest. Next you take the female slaves credit card and stand on her chest with both feet. You stand full weight on the slave and tell her that you are going to spend all of her money and rinse her credit cards on shopping sprees for you and your girlfriends. You dance, stomp and pose on the slave full weight as you enjoy her suffering and tease her with your feet. Eventually, you think the slave is getting aroused too much so you turn the vibrator off to deny her orgasm. You laugh as she moans and pleads for release before standing on top of her with your full weight again. You take the vibrator and pleasure yourself whilst sitting on her and are totally aroused at her frustration and pain. You pleasure yourself for a few more minutes before climaxing as the slave begs for mercy. Finally you tell the slave she doesnt deserve to cum and that your girlfriends are coming over to trample her as well. You take a flogger and say that while you wait on them coming over, you want to make her suffer with her chest nice and red…


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