Lady Scarlet – Mud footprints

ENGLISH LANGUAGEIt rained all night and this morning I went for a walk in the park in my tank soled ankle boots: they are perfect for these occasions but now they are completely muddy and dirty. I look disgusted at the mud on my shoes but luckily my slave is lying here on the balcony with me to clean them. I also take this opportunity to have fun and I dont just let him lick the dirt but first I get on top of him for some trampling. Standing on his abdomen, I leave mud footprints on his shirt and then have him lick one sole at a time: he is at the same time a doormat and a shoe polisher. The mud is wedged well in the cracks in the soles and I have to jump on my doormat to move it. I keep doing this until my shoes are clean and my slaves tongue and face are filthy.

Lady Scarlet - Mud footprints

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