The Trio Inferno – mp4 (Extreme Trampling Insane Jumping) Part 2

The second part of this really cruel stomach demolition video is focused on extreme jumping (multi-jumping too!). Strong and powerful jumps. Insane high jumps able to destroy a normal human being, but not our Fakir, the star of the italian Freak Circus. Three evil bitches will perform an extreme jumping session: first of all, one at a time; then, two at a time; finally all three girls together (353 lbs for the unlucky human trampoline!). Since these bad women are not content with the action of trampling/stomping/jumping on the wooden board, they remove it from fakir’s abs in order to hear the clear sound – SPLASH! – of the impact (bare feet on bare belly: great music for their ears!). They have a lot of fun using the suspended bamboo to fly higher and land in a more destructive way onto the stomach of their victim. But the painful day of our Freak Circus artist doesn’t end here: in fact the Trio Inferno starts jumping two at a time and even three a time (!!!) with the aid of the suspended bamboo to keep their balance and jump together on the same small surface of sore flesh. If you love hard jumping (very hard jumping!) and you can’t wait to watch three wild women jumping mercilessly on a human trampoline… this is definitely the video for you! Warning: we strongly recommend you not to try this at home: it can be very dangerous!

The Trio Inferno - mp4 (Extreme Trampling Insane Jumping) Part 2

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