Lady Scarlet – Destroyed hands in a hotel room

I am angry. I told the slave to fix the hotel room where we have been staying since last night and to do the cleaning well. I want him to do them and not the employees. He must be the most submissive slave! The last of his rank! But unfortunately he didnt do a good job and Im disappointed. I call him at my feet, tapping the boot on the floor. I blame him for his negligence and tell him to show me his hands. They are too nice, they are not the hands of a worker. Be smart! But Ill fix them for him now … I make him put them under the feet of the stool and I crush them, sitting down or standing up on the stool. Then I make him put them on the stool and I sit comfortably on the bed next to me, stretching my legs and placing the heels of my boots on his hands. I climb on them, crush them under my soles. Or I squeeze them under my butt. There are also close-up scenes to show the trampling action well. By alternating all of these positions, he will eventually find his hands destroyed and walk away whining and repenting.

Lady Scarlet - Destroyed hands in a hotel room

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