We come down the stairs in casual clothes and flats, and there is already our mat in place. We walk on him and use him to clean our soles. We approach the bar counter and order him to roll up to here (his round shape suits it). We all step on him and the party begins. We all trample on him together, we also take turns doing a catwalk, we give him stompings, kicks and jump on him. The idiot loses some coins and I start to humiliate him also for his poverty. Not entirely satisfied, we want to make the party even more stimulating and painful for this doormat. We roll him again up to a raised surface, and from there we start a series of jumps with and without shoes on his belly. With only socks, we also get on his face. Just before leaving, first sitting and then standing, we kick him in bursts all together until we stun him. Id say weve definitely flattened him, what do you think?


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Lady Scarlet at Yezzclips