Boots or high heels – whats more painful?

I want to test out if my sexy high heels – or my GML boots are more painful for the losers hands. Im starting of with the high heels – I just love to flatten his fingers under the leather soles, to dig the thin heels into his flesh or use the heels to crush just a fingertip underneath – and theyre perfect to stomp hands as well. After a few minutes, I sit down on the sideboard and order the loser to take off my high heels and put on my boots instead. Theyve little thicker heels, but theyve a platform thats really hard and perfect to crush hands underneath. I continue to trample the weaklings hands under the boots and enjoy how he screams in pain … and Im not yet sure if theyre more painful as the heels or if its the other way around!

Boots or high heels - whats more painful?

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