Miss Suzanna Maxwell – Trampling my Human Ashtray in High Heels (1080p MP4)

This is a continuation from the previous clip Miss Suzanna Maxwell – Merciless CBT. You can find it in our store. The Goddess hasnt finished with this particular slave and would love to have a little bit more fun with him.Wearing her beautiful green Casadei stilettos with extremely sharp high heels Miss Suzanna will be using the slaves mouth as an ashtray while smoking and walking over his stomach. And basically this is whats happening the entire clip. You know the sadistic style of Miss Suzanna, so no need for us to be telling you again. She enjoys her time digging her heels into his flesh, teasing him, verbally humiliating him and of course by the end of the clip she stubs her cigarette bud using his tongue and tells him to keep the cigarette into his mouth.Just a little note guys. There was a moment where the slave just farted while Miss Suzanna was walking over him, but weve muted that moment, so you wont be able to hear it, but The Goddess heard that and starts laughing for a moment telling the slave that he will be sorry despite the fact he started apologising immediately, but that didnt help him at all.You can see some nice heel marks on his body throughout the clip, despite the fact that the trampling itself is not the whole time, but still Miss Suzanna is just incredible. You dont want to miss that.

Miss Suzanna Maxwell - Trampling my Human Ashtray in High Heels (1080p MP4)

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