This view is expensive – and the price is pain!

You love to see me in such a sexy outfit – especially from below, dont you? But you know, this extremely sexy view has a high price for you – and the price is pain – and the price is high! Youll suffer as my sexy Casadei high heels trample your face mercilessly – and theres nothing you can do, but to endure the pain. You can only hope that I dont lose my balance and pierce through your eyes with my heels! But for this view and to be allowed to serve me, youre enduring all this pain, wont you?! Even when my heels dig deep into your skin, my full weight comes down on your face, I trample all over your face and stomp down onto it! When Im done with you, your face will be pretty messed up – but thats just the price youve to pay!

This view is expensive - and the price is pain!

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Madame Marissa at Yoogirls