Lady Scarlet – Jumps on the doormat

ITALIAN LANGUAGEI am sitting on the stairs to please myself with my new white boots and I call the slave to make him kiss them. But its not my boots that I want to focus on today, I need to stay barefoot and agile for a session of jumping on the doormat. The slave takes off my boots and gets into position, lying naked with a pad behind his neck. I want to crush him and destroy him, jumping not only on his flabby abdomen but also on his genitals and face. I crush his balls by jumping on them mercilessly, sometimes that little prick gets in the way but I crush everything. Then I get on a stool and from there I let myself fall on his face deforming it. A bit of running in place on the soft abdomen and then I repeat the cycle several times until I feel like going out and tell my friends what I just did.

Lady Scarlet - Jumps on the doormat

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