Vera – Inhuman Extreme Trampling (4K)

Vera is back, again! And now her new super heavy weight is 130kg (287lbs) and the slaves weight is still only 64kg (141lbs). Vera cruelly and without mercy stomps thin Alexs body and stands on his chest, belly and even face! She flattens weak slave with her heavy wooden wedge sandals and barefoot on both feet and then only on one foot. Alexs face and body became red, but Vera only laughts at him. Poor guy. She loves trampling, because its her favorite practice. When she takes off her footwear, she sits on the slaves stomach with her full weight! Vera also stands on the slaves face and presses his head deep into the bed. Vera loves to dominate Alex with her weight and didnt care about his health. So when he begged her to stop, she just became angry and kick his face with her foot. “Trampling will ends only when I wants it!” – says Vera.Duration: 9min 50sec

Vera - Inhuman Extreme Trampling (4K)

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