Lady Scarlet – We decide the right place for you

Me and a friend of mine stand on the side of the bed and watch this stupid slave rest. But the bed is ours how dare he take our place? Now he will pay dearly! We wake him up and dont even give him time to figure out whats going on that were already on top of him. We crush him, sink our feet into him and he sinks into bed. We reproach him but at the same time we are glad he did this bullshit because it sparked in us the desire to punish him. We also start bouncing on him and slave and bed no longer stand out. Before doing any damage to our bed, we move and the trampling continues to the parallels. Body and face will have no respite under our feet. And from today he will learn that we decide what his place is.

Lady Scarlet - We decide the right place for you

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