Lady Scarlet – 6 feet vs 1 dick

There are three of us today wanting to play with this slaves genitals, me Gea and Cleo with our sharp heels against this useless worm. We have prepared him lying naked on the floor, with his cock sticking out of the hole in the table and well tied with a purple ribbon so that it will always be there at our disposal. We approach slowly with our stiletto heels that mark the seconds almost like a countdown that separates the slave from the destruction of his balls. With our feet on the coffee table we immediately start squashing this soft little dick without sparing his balls of course. Each hit of our shoes and heels pinches and stabs his flesh: the slave complains and so in turn we silence him with a shoe resting on his mouth. I want to try to crush him even with my bare feet and so I take off my shoes followed by my friends too: I love the sensation of his balls bursting under my feet while I crush him as if they were made of rubber. We finish with three feet at the same time on his cock until he cant stand it anymore and we abandon him to his sufferings.

Lady Scarlet - 6 feet vs 1 dick

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